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Underlying harmonies of sumptuous surfaces and calming tones are found in this luxurious hand-knotted wool rug. Tufty stripes of Ivory fleece alternate with raised bands of naturally colored, mélange Charcoal wool. Interspersed by low-profile, woven taupe boundaries that bring rhythm to the textural blocks. Length sides are lightened with funky, bohemian braided tassels that add whimsy. This beautiful, simple rug will create a striking foundation for architectural and modern spaces. Designed for us by Marie Flanigan, an award-winning interior designer, to reflect her signature style of timeless elegance and innovative simplicity.
Crafted by artisans committed to fair-labor practices.

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Durable construction; plush feel; eye-catching, unusual weave. Because the weave lies in a single direction and is not apt to pull, hand-knotted rugs can appear lighter from one angle than the other - an optical illusion that is part of their appeal.
WHERE TO USE: Area rugs that are perfect for "center stage" rooms like the living room, dining room, or master bedroom. 
It is common for wool rugs to shed, as they are created from natural fibers that form long strands of material that are then hand-knotted to create delightfully soft and durable area rugs. Due to the sheared pile, loose fibers will eventually work their way to the surface. If your wool area rug starts shedding, this is normal. Just trim any tufts of wool that appear with a sharp pair of scissors; do not pull the fibers.
Even though shedding does occur –and is not preventable–there are steps you can take to help maintain the shedding of your wool rug. 
90% Wool/6% Cotton/4% Polyester
Indoor Use Only
Designer: Marie Flanigan
Edging: Fringe/Tassel
Pile Height: 0.75