Why Beige ???

One of the questions I get asked the most ( more so upon opening) is..."Why Beige?/"
"beige is boring". 
"of all the colors in the spectrum..why beige?"
"Are you afraid of color?!!!!!"
Then there are the jokes. Usually involving husbands and wives in bed and beige ceilings. 
My answer has been the same since the evolution of the store. 
Beige to me, is timeless, simple, classic. No one has ever said "Oh, I'm so tired of my BEIGE sofa, but I DO hear people complain about their teal, forest green or peach furniture. Colors tend to be very cyclical, ( grey appears to be the new beige) whether in home decor, fashion, cars. Look in a fashion magazine ( or decor magazine) from the past 20 years. A Calvin Klein ad from 1996 is pretty much interchangeable to one today. Clean, simple lines, classic fabrics, a neutral palette, these things don't date. I have always had an affinity for simplicity, for instance, linen, the texture, the crispness, how it softens and ages so gracefully. 
The name beige, the same in French or English, is simple. It' s a name people don't forget, which prevents us from simply being known as "That store on Notre Dame"
As we approach our 7 year mark, my love for "beige" has stayed the same. Even though we have evolved, I feel our philosophy has remained true since day one.