Sid Dickens Fall 2022

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Sid Dickens’ Fall 2022 Collection brings a feeling of peace and quiet reflection during the changing of the seasons; a moment where time passes by slowly and yet too fast all at once.

The deep colour palette found in ‘Pears’ and ‘Primula’ introduces a welcomed serenity as the excitement of summer makes way for the calm of autumn. The wise moose traipses through the wilderness, a stoic giant in comparison to the tiny pearl taking years to grow in the sea. A bent-wing swift moth is captured mid-flight, frozen in time, while the land of fairies is revealed in ‘Amanita.’ Tying it all together are the musical tones of "Treble Clef," "Dal Segno," and "Semiquaver," creating the sweet melodies that unite us all in harmony.

With the calm of the season comes the adventures into the unknown. The compass points forever north, guiding any wayward adventurers down the right path. A lighthouse shines brightly, a beacon of hope to those travelling in the dark. Lastly, “Love,” perhaps life’s most mysterious journey, inevitably does conquer all.

Sid’s newest release reminds us to take the days in stride and slow down to discover the world around us. Whether at sea, a hike through the woods, enjoying sweet melodies or experiencing the mysteries of love, find an adventure worthy of your precious time.