High Five and Five Low

5 things we are most excited to see in 2015, and 5 we hope we never see again...
1) pantone Marsala. A rich, warm, delicious color. We love this with golds, greens, deep blues.
2) wallpaper- take a blah powder room and add interest, texture, and color!
3) stationery- a return to journals, lovely pens, and thank you cards. An email is mucho impersonal.
4) Oushak rugs- a twist on a vintage favorite
5) going "custom". Whether it's a pillow or a entire sofa- personalize that piece without necessarily breaking the bank.

No more:
1) pneumatic bar stools
2) shag rugs. A hiding place for dust and other gross finds.
3) Feature walls- these just make your room look choppy and unfinished. If you are going to experiment with color, do it unabashedly.
4) disposable furniture- drive around the city and count the amount of sofas you see waiting to end up in a dump. You get what you pay for.
5) "sentiments" on walls. Feeling "love" shouldn't be inspired by a tin sign.