Ten Paint Colors We Are Crazy For February 16 2015

Here's a list of the 10 paint colours were really feeling at the moment…Enjoy!

1) Farrow and Ball No 36 Mahogany - not brown, not eggplant but rich and sexy
2) Farrow and Ball No 270 Calluna - grey with a hit of violet
3) Benjamin Moore AF115 Lodge - a delicious muddy chocolate
4) Benjamin Moore AF535 Serenata- cool icy blue
5) Benjamin Moore AF80 Jute - a fantastic warm neutral
6) Benjamin Moore 995 Butter Cookie -  muddy neutral yellow
7) Benjamin Moore 625 Deep Secret- the perfect French navy
8) Benjamin Moore CSP 980 Gilded Ballroom - the name says it all
9) Benjamin Moore CC570 Forest Floor - masculine warm green
10) Benjamin Moore OC 45 White Wing - white with a hit of warmth.

High Five and Five Low February 09 2015

5 things we are most excited to see in 2015, and 5 we hope we never see again...
1) pantone Marsala. A rich, warm, delicious color. We love this with golds, greens, deep blues.
2) wallpaper- take a blah powder room and add interest, texture, and color!
3) stationery- a return to journals, lovely pens, and thank you cards. An email is mucho impersonal.
4) Oushak rugs- a twist on a vintage favorite
5) going "custom". Whether it's a pillow or a entire sofa- personalize that piece without necessarily breaking the bank.

No more:
1) pneumatic bar stools
2) shag rugs. A hiding place for dust and other gross finds.
3) Feature walls- these just make your room look choppy and unfinished. If you are going to experiment with color, do it unabashedly.
4) disposable furniture- drive around the city and count the amount of sofas you see waiting to end up in a dump. You get what you pay for.
5) "sentiments" on walls. Feeling "love" shouldn't be inspired by a tin sign.

What's in High Point? November 03 2014

"So you drive 15 hours each way?!"

"For a show? Is it necessary?"

These are some of the questions we get asked when we do the trade show in High Point, NC. And to answer the questions..


It is worth it. Twice a year, dressed in comfy clothing, we make the trek across 7 states to North America's biggest furniture show. Revved up on 1/2 dozen Starbucks, beef jerky, and other nameless foods we eat only on these trips, we arrive to the hotel exhausted, only to down a platter of appetizers and a bottle of wine.

I think there are 2 types of people that go to these shows. Those who go to every party, every signing, and every opening, and are there for the social aspect, and our category, where it is actually work. Our days start at 7 am, and usually end slumped in a chair in a restaurant around 8 pm. The amount of walking is paramount, as the show is massively spread out, often requiring a vehicle (hence the drive).

The salad of exhibitors is monumental. From reclining sofas with built in cup holders, to 17th century antiques, it is a feast for the eyes. We have the luxury of seeing the best of the best, worst of the worst and in getting to meet design icons such as Thom Filicia, Kelly Wearstler, and Sheree from the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

As we often spec items for our design clients, it's a fantastic way to "test drive" the product and have first hand knowledge. Introductions for new collections are first shown here, which allows us a portal into what is fresh and new. Or not :)

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what's new and noteworthy!

Have you painted yourself into a corner? June 05 2014

 I was at Home Depot several weeks ago, picking up a quart of paint for the trim in my bathroom, and was astounded by a horrified scene. Several women, looking very overwhelmed and frustrated, were waiting for paint to get mixed. Being the naturally curious person I am, I spied over my shoulder, intrigued by their choices. One woman was obviously painting a good chunk of her house, judging by the gallons of paint filling her cart. I looked at the drying spots of color on each can, and prayed she was painting a daycare or playschool. Now , I realize color is very subjective, and contrary to the name of my store, I LOVE color. There was tweety bird yellow, a nasty blue, and a bright green. My mind raced as I imagined where these colors would go, and if she would be pleased with the result, or be so frustrated she would just live with it. 
Another woman was waving an old paint stick, that looked like it had been unearthed from a crypt, trying desperately to match her paint from her old house from 10 years ago. I wanted to clutch her and scream "The color had aged! It won't match!" but my voice caught  in my throat. I wanted to give her a business card, but feared I would get kicked out, leaving paintless. 
 Choosing paint colors is one of the most difficult feats, but can result in an inexpensive upgrade. Given the cost of paint, a 1 hour consultation with a professional can eliminate any guesswork. For instance, you want grey, but do you want a warm or cool grey? Green undertones or blue? It's not uncommon after a bad experience to just default to white, which is actually one of the trickiest colors to get right.
 A professional will get a feel for what tones you gravitate to, keeping in mind light, furnishings, and lifestyle. Are your walls uneven and in bad shape? Maybe matte is a better option. 
It's a small investment... unless you really just want white. 

Why Beige ??? May 16 2014

One of the questions I get asked the most ( more so upon opening) is..."Why Beige?/"
"beige is boring". 
"of all the colors in the spectrum..why beige?"
"Are you afraid of color?!!!!!"
Then there are the jokes. Usually involving husbands and wives in bed and beige ceilings. 
My answer has been the same since the evolution of the store. 
Beige to me, is timeless, simple, classic. No one has ever said "Oh, I'm so tired of my BEIGE sofa, but I DO hear people complain about their teal, forest green or peach furniture. Colors tend to be very cyclical, ( grey appears to be the new beige) whether in home decor, fashion, cars. Look in a fashion magazine ( or decor magazine) from the past 20 years. A Calvin Klein ad from 1996 is pretty much interchangeable to one today. Clean, simple lines, classic fabrics, a neutral palette, these things don't date. I have always had an affinity for simplicity, for instance, linen, the texture, the crispness, how it softens and ages so gracefully. 
The name beige, the same in French or English, is simple. It' s a name people don't forget, which prevents us from simply being known as "That store on Notre Dame"
As we approach our 7 year mark, my love for "beige" has stayed the same. Even though we have evolved, I feel our philosophy has remained true since day one. 

Bonne nouvelle! March 05 2014

La boutique Beige a un nouveau site web !